Hi. I'm Laura.

Welcome to my blog.

I'm documenting thoughts and experiences along my yoga journey.

My destination is currently unknown but I journey with a passionate heart and a curious mind to a place of (hopefully) deep fulfilment and purpose. 

I love the wilderness, cheese, the mountains, wine, writing, my bed, books, the sound of the ocean, dark chocolate, adventure and black coffee.  

I also love yoga. 

Mood board : la luna

Mood board : la luna

You and I are of the same. 

Divine energy. Wild. Primal. 

You and Mountains and River rocks and I.


I wait patiently for you to show yourself, yet you are forever there.

The Oceans forever at your control, lest we forget.   

But I, forever mindful of the connection; of my home in something greater

than humanity itself.


Dependent upon the Sun to shine, yet I shall forever be subject to your

spell. Enchantment.

And you forever keeper of secrets uttered from bedroom windows and

during black beach walks.  


I imagine that you sacrificed yourself willingly, with grace, yet this

vulnerable guise is only evident to Those who do not know you, do not

see you as being of Them.  


Unleashing the primal, the wild, the fierce. I feel your magic upon my skin,

your pulse within veins. 


Forever grateful for the comfort, the assurance, that for something -

something so seemingly simple and plain - that when a light is cast,

I too can shine and bewitch. 


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Happy Places : Puglia, Italy

Happy Places : Puglia, Italy

Thoughts : the twelfth new moon of 2016

Thoughts : the twelfth new moon of 2016