Hi. I'm Laura.

Welcome to my blog.

I'm documenting thoughts and experiences along my yoga journey.

My destination is currently unknown but I journey with a passionate heart and a curious mind to a place of (hopefully) deep fulfilment and purpose. 

I love the wilderness, cheese, the mountains, wine, writing, my bed, books, the sound of the ocean, dark chocolate, adventure and black coffee.  

I also love yoga. 

Thoughts : so many ideas sounding off inside of my head

Thoughts : so many ideas sounding off inside of my head

Today I lost my shit. 👾

It should have been a good day and to an outsider it was. But so much has been going on inside of my head over the last couple of weeks that I found myself driving to the coast, having a good old cry with my headphones on full volume (I was listening to SIA if you were wondering) and then I sat for while (well, for as long as I could before the threat of hyperthermia came knocking) watching the Atlantic Ocean crashing at the shore just metres in front of me. I could see the icy spray being whipped off the top of the surf as it came rolling in. 

Instagram is amazing. It inspires me and motivates me, but I also see how it’s easy to only post when awesome stuff happens in our lives or to outwardly portray that everything is going smoothly and just as intended.

If I’m honest, I have so many ideas sounding off inside of my head almost all of the time that I feel overwhelmed and confused as to which I should pursue wholeheartedly. Because along with being a yoga teacher, unemployed, a spiritual being, a calm and happy woman etc since my return from India just weeks ago...I’m also an enthusiast now. I’m not going to do anything again without fully investing my heart and soul into it. That’s happened before and I ended up working 60-hour weeks sat behind a desk and wound up breaking myself all before the age of 30!

Is it that they may all be awesome ideas and I just need to pick one and take action or is it that the right idea, the one, hasn’t visited me yet?!

For now, ironically, I have no idea, but I do feel so much better. A little exhausted but grateful. My intuition shouted out to me today when I didn’t call upon her or expect to feel her presence. She reminded me to be patient and that even when an opportunity arises that others would jump at, it may not be right for me and where I’m at on my journey right now. 

As ever, many pearls of wisdom sewn by my dear friend and mentor, Sudhir, were called upon during my beach walk. Thank you for continuing to support me even from afar! 🙏🏼

Thoughts : the twelfth new moon of 2016

Thoughts : the twelfth new moon of 2016

Thoughts : storytelling around campfires

Thoughts : storytelling around campfires