Hi. I'm Laura.

I'm a yoga teacher, retreat cook, & activist.

I am also a teller of stories. I work alongside brands & individuals creating stories that engage & inspire through photography & written content.

I love rich conversation, strong cheese, high mountains and deep forests, my bed warm, inspiring books, the moon, the sound of the ocean, dark chocolate, my coffee black, and mornings that promise adventure. 

I N S I G H T / the fundamental elements

I N S I G H T / the fundamental elements is ultimately a wellbeing blog. It's a space that I hope you'll visit often for inspiration; a place of hope, love, connection and guidance on the fundamental elements that, I believe through my own experiences, one must cultivate in order to live well.

The fundamental elements to living a life full of happiness, laughter, love and good health include:

  • Exploration of the world through travel and the sharing of stories. 
  • Curiosity of the self through mindfulness, meditation and self-study. 
  • Yoga as a conscientious, holistic lifestyle both off and on the mat. 
  • Community, to proactively contribute to the soul of a mindful community and to cultivate deep and meaningful connections with others. 
  • Creativity, to encourage fearlessness through playful self-expression. 
  • Sustainability, to encourage and implement 'good' lifestyle choices by... 
    • eating local, sustainably sourced, organic, whole foods where possible
    • consuming ethically and in moderation
    • being mindful of the environmental impact of our decisions
    • and to support 'the little guy/femme' with our purchasing power. 

Where we fail to cultivate wellbeing in any of the above areas of our lives we experience inner conflict. You can read more about how my former life as a City lawyer resulted in an imbalance in all areas of my lifestyle here.

It is this imbalance that I am currently working on in order to cultivate contentment, an abundance of energy and a lasting love for life.

And through this I hope to inspire. 
P L A C E / asia

P L A C E / asia