Hi. I'm Laura.

I'm a yoga teacher, retreat cook, & activist.

I am also a teller of stories. I work alongside brands & individuals creating stories that engage & inspire through photography & written content.

I love rich conversation, strong cheese, high mountains and deep forests, my bed warm, inspiring books, the moon, the sound of the ocean, dark chocolate, my coffee black, and mornings that promise adventure. 

T H O U G H T / it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you handle it

T H O U G H T / it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you handle it

Life doesn’t always evolve as expected. Life does not always go to plan. 

Why? Because in the ‘grand scheme of things’ we have so little control over our lives.

We can control our actions; we can ensure that we live life from a place of warmth, love and optimism; we can act with good intentions and can have hope and faith that things will work out as expected, but we cannot control how the world responds! 

With so little control over what turns up along our journey, it’s important to cultivate healthy attitudes and reactions. I have recently experienced a ‘hiccup’ in my plans and despite my loving, enthusiastic and creative intentions, things just did not work out this time. 

I have been trying to understand what lessons can be learnt from the situation and this is what I have realised...

It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you handle it. 

Tomorrow I will return home to the UK. I have questioned this decision many times over the course of the last few days and at times have viewed this action as a failure on my part. The ego raising doubt and allowing self-criticism to run amok within my mind... 'You are running away from the situation! You’ve failed!'

Your intuition always has the answer and can never be wrong!

We often view ‘quitting’ or walking away from a situation as a failure on our part in some way. But sometimes, escaping from a situation is, in fact, the best course of action for you in that moment. Regardless of what others may think or what the ego tries to convince you of, and believe me the ego no matter how well you’ve worked at training it, will convince you to give a shit about what others think of your decision. Odds are most people are so wrapped up in their own lives that they won’t spend longer than a minute or two considering where you are at, so why stay within a situation that you know in your heart is not right for you? 

Handling a situation sometimes involves patience, increased action, creativity and in other instances it involves departure, closure and a transition to something new. 

Why yoga? How can it help?

Once again yoga saved the day! Through taking time and creating space within my day, I sat quietly with my thoughts and focused my energy and attention on the situation:

‘Things are not as expected, my soul isn’t singing, heaviness and disappointment reside in my heart that I cannot seem to shake off and what’s more, I have felt like this for a few days now despite working at the situation. So what to do next?’ 

Your intuition always has the answer and can never be wrong! My gut instinct, the guidance that came from within, was to leave, to walk away and if this is what she is advising then it’s time to move on. Your intuition, your soul, your inner guiding light, never acts from a place of selfishness or with ill-considered, negative intention (the ego has no role here) and so how can this decision be deemed as a failure? 

I like to think of my decision as a sign of strength and connection with who I truly am.

Reclaim your authority.

I hope that you find inspiration within these words. Try not to doubt the wisdom of your own experience. Honour your personal feelings and truths. Learn to say 'no' without shame or self-judgment. Agree to disagree with another when to do otherwise would be to lack integrity with the Self. Your journey is different from mine; do not defer to or compare our situations. Reclaim your authority. Listen to your truth; there you will find your answers and all else will flow. 

Has life taken an unexpected turn for you recently? How will you handle it? Comment below. 

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