Hi. I'm Laura.

I'm a yoga teacher, retreat cook, & activist.

I am also a teller of stories. I work alongside brands & individuals creating stories that engage & inspire through photography & written content.

I love rich conversation, strong cheese, high mountains and deep forests, my bed warm, inspiring books, the moon, the sound of the ocean, dark chocolate, my coffee black, and mornings that promise adventure. 

T H O U G H T / on the future, passion and patience

T H O U G H T / on the future, passion and patience

‘Self-work’ consumes most of my time and energy nowadays and whilst this work is necessary in order to grow and to progress forward in my journey it often leaves me feeling overwhelmed, lost and buoyant without direction. 

I have desperately wanted to throw myself at a project or a career for some time but have been thwarted in taking action due to a frustrating lack of direction in life. Instead, I have been forced to concentrate my efforts on cultivating consciousness and being mindful in each moment, which has lead to many lessons being learnt, challenges faced and profound personal realisations about who I am, what I stand for and the way in which I wish to live my life. 

‘...the longing for a sign or for someone to reaffirm your idea, for some external approval of your concept or for assurance that your idea will succeed.

Today is different.

Yesterday, I had a lightbulb moment like none other I have experienced before.

I am known amongst friends for having ideas that change with the arrival each month, week or day. My problem has rarely been the absence of ideas or opportunities, but instead the lack of direction. This can initially be experienced as the longing for a sign or for someone to reaffirm your idea, for some external approval of your concept or for assurance that your idea will succeed. I have now come to realise that this lack of direction was actually a lack of passion on my part. Until yesterday. 

Yesterday, I was visited by an idea and it instantly made my heart, body, soul and mind light up with excitement and possibility. Doubts did not feature within those magical initial moments (that is not to say that they won’t in the days to come) and I did not need time to digest the concept, to sit with it and turn it over in my mind.

Instead, I felt this rush of energy and pure excitement towards a project that I feel so passionate about; something that I would confidently invest my resources into, something I believe will succeed and ultimately, something I really want to spend my time doing.

It doesn’t have a name right now and a lot of work is required to take this currently, intangible little seed and to grow it into a business, a lifestyle, a community, a brand that brings about positive change and so, for now, it will be referred to as my passion project. This is not an unfamiliar concept to me but now has a new meaning entirely. 

So today I rose alone before sunrise and have spent the morning really focusing on the future. Self-help gurus, yoga and spiritual philosophy and positive psychology often focus upon the importance of ‘now’, the present moment, and this helps for the most part in our approach to our everyday lives. But there comes a time when we need to invest and direct our energy towards the future.

I began my day with good coffee, a walk in the hills and then settled down with my Wild Unknown tarot deck to perform my first ever year ahead reading. The longer I sit with my cards the more confident and positive I feel which, unsurprisingly given all that this past month has thrown at me, is both liberating and reassuring. 

I now understand that all that have been through previously on my journey needed to happen in order to arrive at this very moment. If I use the analogy of applying for a job, we readily accept that there is often a prerequisite skill set and specific experience needed in order to be successful as an applicant and so the same applies in life. I needed to experience all that I have personally in order to develop the skills that I am going to need in order to be successful in my future endeavours and this involved having the courage and confidence to re-write my notion of success itself.  

Lessons for today...

  • External approval is not required. We do not need permission in order to pursue that which makes our souls sing.
  • Sometimes, even when we desperately want something and feel like we are ready for it, we can come across set backs or stalemate situations. This is not to say that we are applying ourselves to the wrong course in life (although this may indeed be the case), it might just be that you aren’t ready yet and there are more lessons to be learnt, more light to be realised and more experience to gained.
  • Trust in the notion: ‘all in good time’. 

Are you ready to focus on the future? What makes your soul sing? 

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