Hi. I'm Laura.

I'm a yoga teacher, retreat cook, & activist.

I am also a teller of stories. I work alongside brands & individuals creating stories that engage & inspire through photography & written content.

I love rich conversation, strong cheese, high mountains and deep forests, my bed warm, inspiring books, the moon, the sound of the ocean, dark chocolate, my coffee black, and mornings that promise adventure. 

I N S I G H T / briana beauvoir

I N S I G H T / briana beauvoir

Wellness Advocate at doTERRA Essential Oils, yoga teacher, blogger, former DJ and all round seriously awesome woman!

Bree, a ‘twenty-something’, American-born woman with Haitian roots is in constant search for inspiration, human connection, wellness and great food.

We met during our yoga teacher training (TTC) at Sampoorna Yoga and a friendship was forged in the most mind-blowing of circumstances!

It was during the second week of the TTC and whilst we had said hello a few times we had never really spoken. There were 36 women on the course and so there was a tendency to hang out with the same people each day. One morning in philosophy class, Bree spoke up in front of the group and I remember thinking ‘she seems awesome and so interesting, I must make a point of speaking to her’. Immediately after the class we all filed into the lunch area, Bree walked over and literally sat in the chair opposite me! Amazing example of the power of attraction in action... 

Bree immediately struck me as one of those beautiful kindred spirits that you rarely stumble across in life. She is one of those rare women who immediately brings out the best in others, raising them up, inspiring them and offering up her infectious smile, her vulnerability, her love of life and of course her love of essential oils from the very first lunch date! 

I feel truly blessed to be able to call this inspiring, kind and generous kindred spirit and soul sister my friend and look forward to her move to the UK later this year!

For now, we had to catch up online as she’s currently exploring her motherland, Haiti!


In three words, who is Briana Beauvoir? 

Woman. Earth-lover. Yogi.

What’s the story behind the story?

I am the daughter of an immigrant; a woman on a journey to living my highest truth and becoming my most authentic self.

I grew up in the music world; my mom did A&R in the industry and my dad is a musician, engineer, producer, writer, and naturally this led to me pursuing a career in music. I embarked on an exciting journey across the Atlantic Ocean as one-half of a DJ duo with my sister and ended up in London.

I loved creating music and wanted to dive deeper into the technical side of audio engineering, so I enrolled on a Sound Engineering degree and made it my own by exploring the healing modalities of sound.


What inspires you?

WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN! I also think that anyone who has the courage to share his or her gifts, music and true nature is unbelievably inspiring. I believe ‘God’ exists in the moments when people come together in kindness and love.

Where do you go to re-energize?

The sunshine, my yoga mat and my oils.

Do you have a mantra or affirmation? Would you share it with us?

My mama has always said ‘What a difference a day makes!’ and I have found that when I’m in a funk or feeling low it helps me to stay strong and keep pushing on through.


Have you picked up any wellbeing tips along your journey? Care to share them with us?

The importance of a good night’s sleep, saying ‘no’ to things that don’t serve you and of course…essential oils.

Which essential oil excites you most?

This changes daily, but right now I’m super stoked on ylang ylang! It’s like this beautiful hippie woman is speaking to my soul!

Is there an essential oil that you would recommend to those suffering with depression?

Citrus Oils! Bergamot, orange, lemon and grapefruit are invigorating, anxiety relieving and uplifting to the emotions. My favourite is Citrus Bliss by doTERRA.

What drew you to the yoga mat initially?

Depression. I found yoga at a time when everything in my life had come crashing down; my family had just had our home foreclosed on, our car was repossessed and we were on food stamps, sometimes even ‘living’ without electricity.

I was in a very dark place, taking part in harmful behaviour (drinking and taking drugs) regularly to numb the pain. Then something just clicked within me after taking a yoga class with my friend Emily Spica. Soon after, I joined the local YMCA up in the mountains and began taking three yoga classes per week. Yoga changed me and how I viewed the world; it literally saved me!

What has kept you returning to it since?

The sense of clarity I feel from practicing, the softening of my heart and the awakening of my soul. I crave it everyday.

Where’s your favourite place to practice yoga?

In nature, surrounded by jungle life: trees, animals and sunshine.


Where's your happy place?

Floating in the ocean; staring up at the sky and allowing the waves to take me wherever they please.

If I were to visit you in LA where are the first three places you’d take me?

KREATION cafe for the most amazing clean eats, juices and smoothies. The atmosphere is pretty awesome here too!

Bhakti Yoga Shala for kirtan and yoga that will shake you up and put the biggest smile on your face. This it literally my favourite studio on Earth!

You cannot come to LA and not head to the beach so we’d head to either Malibu or Santa Monica for some Pacific Ocean love!


Does darkness ever knock at your door? If so, in what way and what do you do to remain positive?

Of course! We all have wounds buried deep within us and I’m working to dig those up in order to heal. When I’m feeling down, usually because of a rigid pattern, habit or belief system I’ve adopted in the past, it manifests in a cocktail of feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, sad and energetically drained.

In the past I’ve tried to drown these emotions with positive affirmations, in the hope that the sadness would magically disappear, and it usually does for a while. But then, the negativity has a tendency to bubble right back up in a new form just weeks later.

As powerful as mantras and affirmations can be, I am now learning to simply ‘be’ with my emotions instead. Allowing these emotions to come up, and sitting with them for a while (meditating) has really allowed me to eventually let them go.

Crying is also very therapeutic for me! I have experienced many breakthroughs after feeling and fully embracing the full capacity of a challenging emotion.

What do you consider to be your biggest insecurity?

How I feel when I don’t have control in a situation.


What’s your favourite thing about you?

My loving, caring nature and my ability to listen.

What is your greatest love in life (aside from a person)?

Music. Sound.

What’s your favourite smell?

Citrus, vanilla and the sea breeze.

Where does your mind have a tendency wander to?

The future. I am constantly dreaming!



Is there something that you have a burning desire to understand or know?

Self-acceptance and forgiveness. Basically, I need to learn to love myself more! I think that there is a tendency for women to be really hard on themselves!  

What book are you currently reading?

The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho.

What challenge lies in the year ahead for you?

Coming back to self-love! I’m working on letting go of trying to control life and instead flowing with the universe. I’m also learning to truly live and be fully present in each moment. As a perpetual dreamer this can be pretty challenging at times!  


How does your work affect your community?

My work, both as a yoga teacher and a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA, creates community; bringing together like-minded individuals for the greater purpose of taking charge of their physical and emotional well-being. I share the tools that have positively impacted my well-being in the hopes that it will empower others to practice these methods of self-care.

Is there a product that purchase on the grounds of sustainability? Something that is ethically produced, environmentally friendly, supports the local community and/or artisans etc? Something that when purchased or consumed makes you feel as though you have made a ‘good’ choice?

All products from doTERRA!

This is yet another reason why I love the company I work with as they not only produce the most high quality natural oils and products on the market, but they also give back to the communities through their Co-Impact Sourcing and Healing Hands Foundation (HHF). Ultimately, this means they are committed to working together with the communities that harvest their oils making it truly collaborative effort. Giving back through the HHF helps provide steady income for farmers, supporting their families by building schools and providing provisions.  100% of every dollar donated to the HHF goes directly to the causes, because doTERRA understands that we now live in an age where ethical, sustainable, conscious consumerism should be at forefront of our priorities.

I love how there is a growing consciousness within consumerism as to where our ‘stuff’ comes from and how it impacts the lives of others and the world in general!

So much gratitude to this amazing woman! Thank you Bree, for sharing your wisdom, heart callings and vulnerability with me and agreeing to feature on my blog! Keep smiling and inspiring chica! 

You can connect with Briana on Facebook and Instagram. She's also a budding blogger so be sure to check out her musings and words of wisdom! 

Have more questions for Bree or know of someone inspiring that you would like to feature within my weekly 'Insights' interviews? Post in the comments below. 

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