A B O U T / You are the author of your own story

Hi, I'm Laura. I am a yoga teacher, seeker of wisdom, passionate cook, world wanderer, writer, and advocate for meaningful conversation. 


I teach yoga in beautiful locations around the world, create nourishing food that promotes happiness and wellbeing, and work alongside brands and individuals creating stories that engage  and inspire through photography and written content.

I am also an activist. Passionate about tackling the growing loneliness epidemic and the rise in feelings of disconnect, I am working on building a brand that inspires personal growth, connection and wellbeing through the powers of resonance. You can find out more about The Resonance Collective here

Story behind the story

In 2014 I qualified as a solicitor-advocate, specializing in commercial dispute resolution. In the two years following qualification I incorporated my own freelance legal practice working on projects for international law firms in the City of London. I also had a breakdown.

Aged 26, I found myself living a disillusioned dream. I had ‘made it’ as a City lawyer having studied, worked and invested in this ‘dream’ for many years and on Monday mornings I walked into some of the most reputable law firms in the world; yet I felt empty, devoid of happiness and I was on course towards self-destruction due to a gruelling weekly schedule. Plagued by digestive health issues, periods of inertia and unhealthy attitudes resulting in self-hatred and zero self-esteem, I became withdrawn and depressed. I should have been happy, full of energy and life; I was in ‘my prime’. I knew where things were heading but I also thought that I was indestructible - apparently this stubborn, ignorance often rules 'the head' in your twenties. Thankfully, my mind and body brought an end to the crazy, disconnected life that I was living. 

The breakdown resulted in me taking five-months out of work. I left London and returned to my ‘home’ to live with my husband in Northern Ireland. During this time I immersed myself in my own yoga self-practice and randomly started journaling my thoughts as a form of catharsis.  During the summer of 2016 I returned to London to work on another legal project but this time there was an end in sight: an end to both my legal career and the depression. It was an inspiring and exciting time as I immersed myself within the female start-up community and was offered a number of freelance writing opportunities within the wellness industry. 

In October 2016, I travelled to India to embark on a RYT 200 hour certification at Sampoorna Yoga. Within days of graduating as a yoga teacher, I was teaching beach-front classes at a retreat. I stayed in Agonda for a further two months in order to gain as much teaching experience as possible. I now have experience teaching yoga asana, meditation and pranayama at all levels; from complete beginners through to students enrolled on TTC programmes. 

On returning home to the UK I focused my energy on creating this blog and building on the portfolio of services that I can offer to individuals and brands in the travel and wellness industries. Along my journey it became apparent that I am also passionate about campaigning for social change surrounding the ways in which we connect with ourselves, others, and the world around us. Much of the last 12-months have therefore been focused on launching The Resonance Collective.  

What does the future hold?

One day I dream of setting down roots within a conscious community and would love to create a space that people could retreat to - somewhere that inspires curiosity, wellbeing, creativity, and connection. 

For now, I enjoy the flexibility, and opportunity for adventure and new connections that freelancing involves. If you are interested in working with me or have any queries about the services that I offer then drop me an email at contactlauragwilliam@gmail.com.